What does a cyber-security worker do?

Originally I answered this question back in 2018 on “Quora” thought it will be a better addition to my blog. I will try to answer this question as simply as possible. Roles and Responsibilities of cybersecurity worker totally depend on what technology and what level he is working on.

Cybersecurity Security Analyst

  • The main responsibilities will be protecting his clients will be a part of a 24/7 monitoring team that will monitor Security Incidents and Potential Security Breaches.
  • Work on Potential Security Breach gathers evidence on how it happened what exactly happened.
  • for instance, his main responsibilities would be configuring and maintaining Cybersecurity tools on which they are working (IDS, IPS, Firewall, Proxy, SIEM)

Application Security Expert

  • The main responsibilities would be to conduct end to end security assessments or Penetration testing on a given application (Web, Mobile, IOT, Servers) for potential security bugs.
  • Security Assessment or Penetration testing would be manual and automated.
  • Eliminate False positive, Prepare POC, generate Final report and share with the concerned team and help the same to fix the findings

Cybersecurity Auditor (RISK and Compliance)

  • The main responsibilities will be help organization to achieve and maintain certain cybersecurity standard like ISO27001, SOC2, PCI DSS
  • After that, Identify scope, maintain necessary documents, look for all IT and NON-IT controls, gather evidence help external auditor with audits.

Malware Analyst

  • The main responsibilities would be to work on suspicious files and emails that are identified in wild.
  • identify the behavior of malware get to know its IOCs help the Anti-malware team to build a particular solution.

Cyber Security/Pre-Sales Consultant

  • These is very senior roles (pre-sales guy) who would have worked on Multiple cybersecurity Domain or Platform
  • My main responsibilities would be Responding to RFPs, Build the solution for customers.

In addition, there are multiple BIGGER roles are there like Security Architect, CISO, Security Officers which require Patience, Knowledge, and Experience.

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